We are all born with a certain genetic make up, which can’t be changed. However, we can alter the expression and influence of our genes with the right nutritional, exercise and lifestyle choices. After the age of 40, 75% of health and life expectancy is modifiable. This is huge news at a time when although we are living longer than before, we are not always living healthier. These days most people live with disease or some sort of illness for a third of their lives. As well as this, it’s predicted that our younger generations will be the first in a long time to not out live their parents.

Fitgenes focus is on the philosophy that your overall health, wellbeing and performance are primarily determined by the basic building blocks of your body and the messages that your genes within these cells send. This is unique to you, that is why Fitgenes works  to deliver personalised and targeted healthcare programs that can unlock your health potential.
Fitgenes allows practitioners to focus on their patients while keeping up to date with the nutrigenomic discoveries that can support patients achieving their desired health goals.
Your Fitgenes profile can help you understand potential areas of concern and identify the best pathways to maintain and improve your health, as well as prevent future illness. This may be important to you if you have a strong family history of certain health complaints. Couples often choose to work on their gene health prior to conception in order to be in their best health and limit passing on genetic issues to their children-what a great gift for future generations.

Fitgenes is for people who are serious about their health and those who want to be proactive.

Currently there are 2 options available

Health and Wellbeing Panel (Testing 58 Genes) is $434.50

Carb Choice AMY1 Gene is $199

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