Naturopathic Emotional Release (NER)

For almost 30 years I’ve been acutely aware of the impact that stress, emotions and unresolved trauma have on my clients health. While herbs, nutrients, diet and lifestyle changes do help, I knew there was more that could be done. Since starting Metabolic Balance I also saw the need for a tool that can help clients with self sabotage and unhelpful behaviours that get in the way of their progress. I’d been actively on the search for the last few years and came across a number of tools, but was really excited to find a process made specifically for Naturopaths that can be used during a naturopathic consult, as well as a stand alone support.

Naturopathic Emotional Release is a tool used to identify and integrate underlying stress and emotional blocks. These underlying stressors/emotions can contribute to disharmony in the body leading to physical and mental symptoms, undesirable patterns or behaviours. Based on the research that chemical messengers in the brain are released during times of stress and can attach to receptors on the nerve cells and cells of tissues in the body, NER can assess, lessen and clear these affects in your nervous system.

There are a range of reasons why our body and nervous systems can become stressed. Stress can impact organ function and body systems, as well as impacting our behaviours, mood and mental health. Emotional factors can be a cause or contributor in any physical complaint, and NER is a method to determine if this is the case as well as clear unhelpful emotional patterns.

NER is an ideal tool to utilise whenever its obvious that stress is a large factor in a persons current state of health, as well as for symptoms or complaints that aren’t improving the way we’d normally expect. It can also be used with Metabolic balance clients who are wanting to shift weight and feel more vitality, yet tend to self sabotage, or find it hard to adopt new healthy eating habits and stick to them. NER can be used with all age groups for a range of physical, emotional and mental symptoms, and health complaints.

NER is an ideal tool and support for:

  • Anxiety, acute or ongoing stress
  • Mood disorders
  • Gut complaints, especially those that seem to be aggravated by stress/emotional upset (IBS, Constipation etc)
  • Any conditions that appeared to come on after a period of stress
  • Behavioural issues
  • Self sabotage issues related to diet, alcohol, smoking, drugs, taking medicines/remedies etc
  • Bed wetting
  • PMS and hormonal mood disorders
  • Low libido
  • Trauma and grief
  • Chronic pain
  • Phobias
  • Insomnia and sleep issues
  • Night terrors
  • Fertility challenges and unexplained infertility
  • Weight loss

How is NER done?

NER uses muscle testing and has similarities to Kinesiology, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Neuro Emotional Technique (NET). Going one step further, NER uses acupressure organ meridians to clear the stress and it’s affects from your system. Muscle testing is a way of assessing the subconscious and autonomic nervous system. Cortisol which is released with stress is triggered by an involuntary physiological response to different stimuli, similar to the involuntary patellar reflex response if you were to tap under the knee, and your lower leg kicks up. With NER assessment the ‘stimuli’ can be thought, speaking words/sentences, visual or touch, and an involuntary response will occur with manual muscle testing. Muscle testing assesses the nervous system and a stress response/ cortisol response will happen if there is a response in your nervous system and the emotion causing the response. With online sessions I self muscle test to achieve the same results.

As well as completing my NER training, I’m also in the certification program where we get more in depth advanced training, as well as our own NER sessions every week. This gives me the most in depth training in NER currently available.

NER Consultation Fees

1 hour NER session $150

40 minute NER session $100

For long term/ongoing complaints, expect that it will take a minimum of 3 NER sessions to be effective. Ideally book an hour session for your first NER visit. NER appointments are now available online via telehealth. You must join the appointment on your computer or phone via the line. NER is not available via phone appointments, as I need to see you as we work together.

My experience with NER

I was fortunate to experience NER myself before I did the course. During my first hour session I noticed some obvious immediate shifts and releasing of stress. Afterwards the main benefit that I noticed was much more sound sleep. I did not have huge concerns around sleep at all, the only issue I had was sometimes waking up too early. Since my first session I’ve been waking up feeling like I have had a really good sleep, more rested etc.

As part of my ongoing training I experience NER online every week with another group of NER practitioners. This gives me a chance to experience NER each week and work through whatever is going on in life and business at the same time. Some of the things that have been worked on so far, are procrastination about certain work admin tasks. Previously I would find any way to delay or avoid doing some tasks, but after the NER, I felt so much clearer about it, and it was so much easier to get on and just do it without the resistance. Some things that I’d had blocks about for quite some time, were able to shift very quickly. Other things I have had improvements in so far are anxiety and overwhelm. My mind is able to go to looking for solutions more easily instead of getting stuck in the same mental loop of ruminating and getting stuck. I have also been able to use it when doing a mini reset on my Metabolic Balance plan, shifting some blocks around cravings, deprivation and emotional eating.