Metabolic Balance

Metabolic Balance is truly personalised nutrition, which is wholly food based and sustainable long term. Your program is completely designed based on your own blood test results, to balance your body chemistry with the right foods for you.

As a Naturopath I had been searching a long time for a way to support clients to reset their metabolism, lose weight and feel their best in a healthy way that doesn’t involve shakes, protein bars, starving, insane exercise or generalised diet plans. I was so excited to bring Metabolic Balance to Shepparton in 2019, and be able to offer this German designed program to you.

Metabolic Balance is only offered as a 3 month program. You will be supported through the 4 phases by your own Metabolic Balance Coach and Naturopath. Ideally the program involves face to face consultations, but in some cases follow up visits may be done via phone or zoom.

Your Metabolic Balance Program is a one off cost. In the future you can return to Phase 2 any time you want a ‘re-set’. Once your program is finished you can have ongoing support with Nicole with standard naturopathic consultations.

*Metabolic Balance is not suitable for those on a vegan diet, for anyone with severe kidney or liver disease, or who is pregnant and breastfeeding. It is suitable for vegetarians.

Want to know more about how the program works?

Yes! I’m ready for my Metabolic Balance Plan

  • You’ll need to book a visit to come in and discuss the finer details, take measurements, and make sure there are no medical reasons that you can’t participate. If you are an existing client you can book a standard visit and pay the usual fee. If you’re a new client you’ll need to book in for an initial visit first and pay the usual fee. (Book in online to the right on this page)
  • In order to sign up to the plan at your first visit you’ll either need to pay in full for the program (as well as the visit on the day) or sign a direct debit agreement. If you want to do direct debit and your bank account is a joint account you’ll need to ask for the agreement ahead and have the joint account holder sign the form. You can also do the initial visit and then sign up to start the program in the next month or so after.
  • Once you’ve paid in full or completed the direct debit agreement, you can take the blood test request form and get your bloods taken
  • Once your blood results are in your plan will generally be generated in a couple of days
  • You will then make an appointment to receive your plan and get started- this will be the first of your 5 consultations of your Metabolic Balance Plan
  • Note* People wanting/needing to lose more than 10-15 kg, will generally require 7 consultations as part of their plan. Any additional consultations can be purchased separately once the 5 package consultations have been used. (Standard naturopathic consultation).

My Own Metabolic Balance Experience

I like to talk the talk and walk the walk. Read about my own experience with Metabolic Balance here:

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