Naturopathy is a holistic approach to health care that aims to discover the underlying cause of symptoms and ill health. The aim being to restore optimal health by addressing factors such as diet, lifestyle, nutrition, environment, genetics, emotional and mental influences.

Each client is seen as unique and needing a personalised approach, treatment plan and support. Nicole can use a variety of tools including questionnaires, iridology, electro-dermal testing, fitgenes genetic testing, pathology testing and assessing diet and lifestyle. Using these tools helps Nicole to then assess imbalances, sensitivities and a suitable treatment plan incorporating herbal medicine, nutritional supplements, homoeopathics, dietary and lifestyle recommendations.

Naturopathy sees the body as self healing, yet sometimes for various reasons the balance can be a little off, and this is where Nicole can help assess, support and educate you back towards optimal health.

What to expect in a consultation

A consultation for general health issues takes 3/4 hour for a first visit. Nicole uses electrodermal testing to assess you for any food sensitivities as well as nutrient deficiencies, toxicity and specific organ stresses in order to determine the best herbal, homoeopathic or nutritional supplements for your specific needs. Nicole will devise a plan including diet and or lifestyle modifications along with select remedies. The majority of clients would need between 2-6 visits to resolve general health issues, with chronic complaints often requiring longer, or more ongoing treatment. Often clients continue regular visits once they feel well, as a “wellness check”, to maintain good health and prevent future illness.

Initial consultations for fertility issues and preconception care are 1 1/4  hours, with follow up visits being around ½ hour. Nicole aims to gather information about your health to gain further insights into factors effecting your fertility, which is particularly important in cases of unexplained infertility. As well as the usual electrodermal testing, Nicole will also teach you to chart your menstrual cycles using mucus and temperature methods as well as the lunar cycles to enable you to be more in touch with your body, determine your most fertile time and identify certain hormonal imbalances.In follow up visits we re-assess any remedies as well as studying your charted cycles to determine the course of your treatment effectively.

Preconception care is undertaken by couples wanting to enhance their health prior to conception, to enhance the health of both partners (including their ova and sperm), increase fertility, enhance the babies health and improve health of the mother during  the pregnancy and breastfeeding periods. Nicole has undertaken preconception healthcare and naturopathic pregnancy care with her 3 children who are 14, 10 and 5 years old.

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