Online Birthing From Within® Classes

In these uncertain times, I’d like to support those approaching having a baby in local Greater Shepparton community. As well as general birth preparation information, I’m offering you some effective tools to handle coping with pain, stress, the unexpected and unwished for.

My regular fee for the full 12 hour plus series is $350, but for the time being I’m offering a ‘pay what you can’ option. You will get access to 2 hours of pre-recorded information videos and more than 2 hours of post class videos and links. In addition we will schedule 4 x 2 hour group classes online via Zoom for some of the more practical tools. You can also access audio files, and I will send electronic copies notes for mothers to be and partners. You can also join a private Facebook group to chat with the others in your class and ask questions etc. between classes.

To read more about Birthing From Within Classes visit here:

Sign up for a class starting in the next couple of weeks if you’re 30 plus weeks pregnant. If you’re not as far along register your interest for an upcoming class.

What’s covered in the classes?

Over 2 hours of pre-class videos including:

  • Stages of labour
  • Hormones of birth, brain waves, birth environment
  • Maternal positioning
  • Compassionate use of drugs and epidurals
  • Induction
  • Pushing and Immediate Post Natal time
  • Asking questions and getting more info
  • Videos of labour

Over 2 hours of after-class videos and links including:

  • Audio files for pain coping
  • Post Natal Planning
  • Relationship articles
  • Pain coping for intense labour
  • Baby settling and baby care
  • Parenting and the transition
  • Feeding your baby
  • Third stage of labour
  • Caesarean birth
  • A heroic journey for birth and post natal time

Online Sessions- 4 x 2 hour classes via Zoom (on phone/computer)

  • Learn hands on pain coping/stress/mindfulness tools
  • A map for labour, post natal time and life
  • How to cope with distractions in labour
  • Working through worries, concerns and fears
  • Coping with intense labour
  • Other topics based on individual need and wants


  • If this kind of class is not something you would normally be interested in then consider not booking in
  • If you do sign up, you are expected to participate in the live classes, contribute to the group discussion and sharing, Facebook group etc.

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Photo by Tanya Minotti Photography- Shepparton